Lake Taneycomo

Branson, Missouri is home to Lake Taneycomo – a world class trout fishery that is known to grow big, healthy trout! Lake Taneycomo is Missouri’s hidden gem and has been kept mostly under wraps for decades. After “Frank the Tank” and Bill Babler’s record brown trout were caught in 2019, this sleeping giant started to get the recognition it deserves.


Lake Taneycomo is a part of the White River chain of lakes. Our lower dam, Powersite, was built in 1908 and is the oldest hydro-electric dam built west of the Mississippi River. When Table Rock Dam was constructed in 1958, water from the bottom of the 200-foot dam was cold, thus supporting cold water species of fish. The government appropriated Neosho Federal Hatchery to provide rainbow trout to the once warm water fishery. Construction of the state hatchery, Shepherd of the Hills, was started at the base of Table Rock Dam in 1957.  Shepherd provides the balance of trout stocked in Taneycomo, as well as providing trout for the rest of the state‚Äôs trout program.

Table Rock Dam is managed by the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers. The Southwest Power Administration tells the Corps when and how much water to flow through the facility. Flow is dictated by flood control and power demand. As much as 20,000 cubic feet per second can be released through its turbines, but even more can be moved over the top of the dam through its 10 flood gates.